Imam Reza shrine unveils oldest manuscript of Prophet’s biography

Manuscripts Center of Imam Reza shrine has unveiled the oldest manuscript of Sirat al-Halbiya – a biography of Prophet Muhammad – on the occasion of marriage anniversary of the Prophet and Hazrat Khadijeh

The central library of the shrine is one of the biggest of its kind in Iran and the Islamic world, and contains exquisite and priceless written legacy.

Sirat al-Halbiya, is a biography of Prophet Muhammad written by Alī ibn Ibrāhīm al-Halabī, a famous Islamic scholar and a great historian in the 11th century AH. The book is one of the most precious manuscripts of the central library, and one of the oldest manuscripts of the book in Iran.

The book is written in Arabic and recounts the Prophet’s life and conduct, his birth, his mission, wars, etc.

One of the sections in the book is concerned with the Prophet’s marriage with Hazrat Khadijeh, and therefore, outlines the personal characteristics of her.

“Humans are propelled in life by their desires and aspirations. Instincts are likewise placed in human beings for survival purposes. However, if they aren’t controlled, their destructive power outweighs their benefits”, said Hoj Seyyed Ali Farimaneh, a university and seminary lecturer in the ceremony.

“The holy Prophet called marriage his legacy, and Islam attaches a great significance to it because starting a family has a profound impact on human’s spiritual, emotional and behavioral growth”, added he.

Talking about the existing difficulties in the way of starting a family, the religious expert stated: “Enduring hardships and overcoming them with God’s help is an Islamic teaching”.

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