Hard of hearing pilgrims mourn in Imam Reza shrine on Night of Decree

On the 19th night of Ramadan, which is the first Night of Decree, pilgrims who are hard of hearing gather in Imam Reza shrine in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad to mourn Imam Ali’s martyrdom anniversary.

According to Reza Azhdar Mohammadi, head of hearing-impaired pilgrims delegation: “The delegation for hearing-impaired pilgrims was established in 2005 and it has actively participated in religious ceremonies ever since”.

Saying that Nights of Decree special ceremonies for these pilgrims have been held in the shrine for the past three years, he added: “Some 800 hearing-impaired people from Mashhad and across Iran have taken part in the gathering”.

He continued that the ceremonies would also be underway on the 21st and 23rd nights of Ramadan for these pilgrims, stating: “More hard of hearing pilgrims have been invited for these nights”.

These ceremonies will be aired live on national TV channels.

According to Zeinab Mohammadi, the interpreter of hearing-impaired pilgrims, they pray for the recovery of all patients, visiting Karbala and Hajj pilgrimage as their biggest wishes.

These special mourning ceremonies will be underway in Hazrat Zahra Portico of the shrine on the 19th, 21st, and 23rd nights of Ramadan (30 March, 1 and 3 April) at 21:30 hrs.

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