Imam Reza shrine ready, does its best to host last ten days of Safar pilgrims

Getting closer to the last days of Safar, Imam Reza shrine has done its best and become completely ready to host all arriving mournful pilgrims, says Feizi, senior director of the holy shrine.

Briefing the press in the details of the holy shrine’s programs, Feizi stated: “We will give services to different groups and sects of people particularly the religious mourning groups”.

Regarding holy shrine’s services during Arbaeen rally, he said: “The holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and its servants did their best in proving pilgrims with different services both at the border crossing and inside the Iraqi territory”. 

Referring to three important occasions in last ten days of Safar, Feizi noted: “We have had many coordination within the holy shrine and also with other bodies during last days to that we can give best possible services to the arriving pilgrims”.

Senior director of the holy shrine further stressed: “Millions of pilgrims come to Imam Reza shrine on the days leading to his martyrdom day and making the pilgrimage process easy is the most important duty of ours in last days of Safar. 400 thousand daily pilgrimages took place last year which was a great honor for us”.

He said: “Deputy Office for Sacred Premises has become ready by defining additional shifts and adding to the number of its servants”.

Feizi mentioned: “Like last years, sermon reading ritual and passing the night in darkness are two main programs which will be held on martyrdom night of Imam Reza (AS”.

Imam Reza shrine official added: “Deputy Office for Pilgrims Services has also done many measures to make pilgrimage of mournful pilgrims easier”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: “Many macro projects are now under constructions in the holy shrine among which Sheikh Bahaei underground portico can be referred to”.

He added: “Some very good jobs have been done for increasing lighting of the complex, modification of its pavements and upgrading quality of its drinking water”.

Regarding Mukibs under Imam Reza shrine management, he said: “There will be three categories of Mukibs. The first one will be set up around the shrine and give cultural, medical, and food services. The second category will be in the roads reaching to the city and they give services of various kind by the help of people and servants of the shrine. The third category of Mukibs are active with participation of Center of Services in different provinces”.

Concluding his remarks, Feizi mentioned: “The holy shrine has arranged great programs for the departure anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hasan (AS)”.

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