Arbaeen unifying culture needs to imbue Islamic Ummah: Custodian

The Custodian of Imam Reza shrine has stressed that Arbaeen unifying culture has to constantly imbue the Islamic Ummah, not to stop with the end of Arbaeen pilgrimage.

Speaking to a gathering of Sunni pilgrims who have come to visit the shrine during the last days of Safar (the 2nd month on the lunar calendar), the Custodian of Imam Reza shrine, Hoj Ahmad Marvi pointed to the hadith of the thaqalayn from Prophet Muhammad and said: “The holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) left a lofty legacy for the divine guidance of human beings – the Holy Quran and his progeny, which are both under assault by the enemies of humanity these days”.

Hoj Marvi referred to the desecration of the Holy Quran in the West, noting: “The religious beliefs of more than 2 billion people are being desecrated in the Western countries under the false pretext of freedom of expression while no one dares to undermine or cast doubt upon the truth of the Holocaust. How on earth does burning the Holy Quran indicate freedom of expression, but questioning the authenticity of something fabricated by the Zionist regime entail prosecution?!”

The custodian of Imam Reza shrine attributed the recurrence of theses sacrilegious acts in the West to the lack of unity among Muslims.

“We all call ourselves Muslims but our hearts are divided. What can unify us all better than the Holy Quran and the Infallible Household of the Prophet?” continued he.

Hoj Marvi cited sowing discord among Muslims an old ploy by the enemies, asserting: “Arbaeen pilgrimage is one of the symbols of solidarity and unity among the Islamic Ummah. Thanks to Arbaeen, a glorious and magnificent unity is forming among Muslims. Sunnis, Shias, and even non-Muslims such as Hindus and Buddhists are taking part in the Arbaeen pilgrimage”.

“The march and pilgrimage stop by the end of Arbaeen; however, the culture of sacrifice, affection, unity and solidarity shouldn’t”, stated he.

Further in his remarks, Hoj Marvi called upon the religious preachers and clerics to act valiantly in clarifying the truth.

“Hadn’t the great Islamic scholars bravely stepped up in support of the truth, Islam would’ve been wiped out. Today, the clerics and Islamic scholars have the same grave mission”, added the custodian.

Hoj Marvi concluded his remarks by calling the love for Prophet Muhammad’s Infallible Household the common ground among all Islamic sects, and said: “Imam Reza is the axis of unity for the Islamic Ummah. The Sunnis scholars’ statements about Imam Reza bear witness to this fact. Love and affection towards the Holy Imams as the progeny of Prophet Muhammad is not limited to the Shias, and Sunni Muslims hold them in a very high regard”.

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