Standing up against arrogance, lesson of Imam Reza’s civilizing Hijrah

The Custodian of Imam Reza shrine has called resisting the arrogant powers, and the final victory of truth against evil a lesson from Imam Reza’s civilizing Hijrah.

Speaking during the 8th International Congress of Warriors Abroad, held in the Quds Hall of Imam Reza shrine on September 23, Hoj Ahmad Marvi quoted the Leader of the Islamic Revolution that ‘commemorating the martyrs is equal to martyrdom’, saying: “The significance of such an event to cherish resistance and Holy War for God next to the shrine of Imam Reza is due to the fact that the Imam’s life and conduct is the manifestation of standing up against the arrogance”.

Stressing that Imam Reza turned the Abbasid’s threats into opportunities, Hoj Marvi noted: “The Imam astutely stood up against those threats, and eventually gained victory”.

“Imam Reza didn’t lose any opportunity to resist against oppressors”, added the custodian of the shrine.

He emphasized that warriors in the path of God were never strangers anywhere, saying: “Based on Quranic verses, cherishing the figures who stand up against arrogance in the Islamic countries is considered Islamic rituals”.

Calling ‘faith’ and ‘sacrifice for religion’ two important features for a victorious resistance against arrogance, Hoj Marvi pointed to the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War of 1967, stating: “Thanks to their faith and sacrifice, the Lebanese Hezbollah could resist against the Zionist regime for 33 days and force it into retreat for the first time”.

The 8th round of the international congress was held in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad with representatives from 40 countries in attendance.

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