Imam Reza shrine hosts Quranic activists gathering

Imam Reza shrine has hosted a big gathering of Quranic activists in a ceremony titled ‘I love Holy Quran’ on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation.

Imam Reza Shrine’s Deputy Office for Islamic Ideology Dissemination held the event in Imam Khomeini Portico, which attracted a great number of Quranic activists from the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.

“The ‘Revelation Eid’ is the day the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet (pbuh) by the angel Gabriel, and God’s best gift to mankind, and the best reminder of the Holy Quran’s significance as a beam of light to guide mankind to perfection”, said Hoj. Hossein Shariatinejad, deputy of Islamic Ideology Dissemination. Hoj. Shariatinejad continued that enemies had always tried to dim the Quranic light in a bid to fight Islam and the Prophet’s lofty position. “The enemies do not even refrain from insulting the Holy Quran in order to deviate people from the path of guidance. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Muslims to renew our allegiance with

Quran”, added he. Pointing to the Quranic capacity of the city of Mashhad, Shariatinejad noted, “There are 30,000 Quranic activists in Mashhad active in different categories (memorization, recitation, etc.), who have converged here today”. The event commenced with excerpts of the Leader’s Quranic speeches, and the Custodian of shrine, Hoj. Marvi’s remarks on the Quranic values.

Source: آستان نیوز
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