Holy shrine plans holding seven intl. congress on Imam Reza (AS)

The office representing Imam Reza holy shrine’s Scientific and Cultural Organization in holy city of Qom has planned seven editions of Imam Reza International Congresses slated to be held up to 2038.

The decision was made in a consultative meeting with many Muslim elites, scholars and researchers in attendance.

Addressing participants of the meeting, Hoj. Saeed Reza Ameli, secretary of the Fifth International Congress of Imam Reza (AS), said: “The congress is in fact an old one the restart of which was ordered by the holy shrine’s custodian following 30 years of its closure”. 

Ameli stated: “With respect to different national and international scientific as well as cultural capacities in Qom, future rounds of the congress will do a great job”.

He also mentioned: “In the topics considered for the congress, efforts will be made to pay attention to the issues that are tangible and issues of the day both at the national and global level. The general title of the fifth congress is "Justice for All, Oppression for None". Also, for the purpose of extension of Razavi teachings at international level, it has been decided to hold 7 congresses up to the year 2038”.

Referring to the anticipated topics for future congresses, Hoj. Ameli said: “Governance; characteristics of political, economic, and cultural system in Razavi school of thought, globalism; national view to the individual and social rights of the people, individual and social conducts of Imam Reza (AS), Woman, family and educational system, and finally worship, prayer and proximity to God are some areas of focus for future Imam Reza international congress up to 2038”.

Secretary of the Fifth International Congress added: “The future congress will have some preliminary meetings both inside and outside the country to make it well coordinated and special event”.

The meeting was continued by speeches of a number of renowned and salient Muslim researchers.

Source: آستان نیوز
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