Imam Reza shrine braced to host pilgrims during Nowrouz

The shrine Deputy Custodian has announced that Imam Reza shrine is fully prepared to welcome pilgrims during the upcoming Nowrouz holidays (starting 20 March).

Speaking in a press briefing session with some other directors in attendance, Mostafa Feizi expanded on the Iranian New Year’s programs in the shrine, saying: “We’re honored to provide special services to pilgrim for the occasion of Nowrouz. For the past couple of years, however, Nowrouz and the holy month of Ramadan have coincided, which has added to the spiritual benefits of these holidays”.

Some of the special programs for the New Year ceremonies included prayers, choirs, etc.

Feizi further pointed to special Ramadan programs in the shrine, noting: “The same as previous years, enhancing Quranic program in terms of quality and quantity is on the agenda. To this end, some 16 different programs such as recitation, interpretation, memorization of the Holy Quran for boys and girls are ongoing in the shrine”.

 Elsewhere in the session, the Chief Director of the shrine, Reza Khorakian, talked about heightened public presence in providing services to pilgrims.

Khorakian stressed that paving the way for public participation in projects underway in the shrine has always been one of the priorities.

Imam Reza shrine braced to host pilgrims during Nowrouz

“Public participation in programs is voluntary; however, the shrine seeks to attract elites and talented artists to participate individually and collectively as well”, added he.

Also, the head of Scientific and Cultural Organization of the shrine spoke in the press briefing, saying that all the activities of the organization were in line with transcendent pilgrimage and people’s constant relations with Imam Reza.

According to Hamid Abutalebi: “This year’s slogan of our programs is ‘Ultimate Peace, Spring in Shrine, Spring in Life’, which harkens back to a hadith from Imam Reza on social ethics and helping the oppressed”.

Imam Reza shrine braced to host pilgrims during Nowrouz

Talking about some 260 promotional and cultural programs during the holy month of Ramadan, Abutalebi said: “16 Quranic programs, 11 pilgrims services programs, 124 programs by affiliated institutes, etc.”.

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