Imam Reza shrine hosts celebrations for dozens of non-Iranian graduates

Some 50 non-Iranian graduates from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) have celebrated their graduation in Imam Reza shrine in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad under the aegis of Deputy Office for International Pilgrims Affairs.

The graduation ceremony has been held in Emam Khomeini Portico of the shrine on 19 March for a group of non-Iranian students from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, etc.

“Thinking and contemplating are unique human characteristics; knowledge and thoughts are two essential wings to fly to the pinnacle of prosperity; and scrupulous thinking to make scientific and technical breakthroughs needs innovation, creativity and production of science”, said Hoj Mohammad Zolfaghari, Deputy for International Affairs, in the event.

Hoj Zolfaghari added: “Each branch of science including medicine, agriculture, and industry, which serve individuals and community in one way or another, will save society from political and economic dependence on enemies. Science is beneficial, and along with it, there are jurisprudence and ethics”.

He continued his remarks by stressing that, “In Islamic perspective, a science that is useless is not desirable.”

The Deputy for International Affairs called graduation the start of a new path in life, saying that graduation ceremony could be a turning point in one’s life.

“When a student visits Imam Reza shrine on graduation day, it means he/she won’t hold anything back in serving the people and will candidly fulfill duties”, said he.

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