‘Al-Mu’jam’ plays central role in unity of Islamic world: Expert

Head of Quranic Studies of Islamic Research Foundation of Imam Reza shrine has said the Quranic encyclopedia, ‘Al-Mu’jam’, plays a pivotal role in the scientific and practical unity in the Islamic world.

“The main basis for unity is the proper dissemination of Quranic teachings; in order to reach a general unity, first, we need to come to a unified understanding in scientific-Quranic fields. Therefore, there is a comprehensive investigation of words in this fine book so that we reach a similar understanding about Quranic words”, said Hoj. Mohammad Hassan Mo’menzadeh in an interview on the occasion of ‘Week of Unity’.

Stating that the book was acknowledged by Shia authorities and Quranic and Islamic researchers both at home and abroad, Hoj. Mo’menzadeh noted: “As far as interpretation is concerned, this book includes all different Quranic interpretations by various Islamic sects and denominations”.

“In fact, it is a Quranic encyclopedia covering a wide range of issues such as Quranic interpretations, teachings, literary intricacies, etc. Each entry starts with the etymology of a Quranic lexicon”, added he.

According to the Quranic expert, the book could be classified into four categories of Quranic terms, signs, miracles and interpretations.

Head of Quranic Studies emphasized the scientific and practical role of the book in forging unity among Muslims, saying: “This great book by the Islamic Research Foundation has so far been welcomed in some Islamic states such as India, Egypt, etc., and been displayed in Quranic exhibitions”.

Saying that the book received acclaims by Quranic experts from Tunisia, Morocco and Iraq, Hoj. Mo’menzadeh concluded his remarks by adding: “The book contains the views and interpretations of over 220 experts, and draws upon over 300 references. So, half of it reflects the views of Sunni thinkers”.

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